We offer large-scale technology solutions and services that enable organizations in all industry sectors to achieve class-leading levels of performance, service and productivity. Standard signals, interfaces, and communication protocols are used at all system levels—making them applicable to a wide range of integrated solutions. We supply a comprehensive range of control and measuring systems, from SCADA to peripherals, all supported by an award-winning supplier.

Business Focus

Energy industry
Hospitality industry
Facility Management
Retail businesses
Building Management


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Design & develop system using Merbon SCADA, a web based server application.

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Deliver a comprehensive range of control components from input/output peripherals 

to controllers.

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Service & Operations

With after sales service from Domat Control System such as regular service, preventive maintenance and periodic seasonal inspections.

Automation with White Umbrella

The system topology is flat which makes designing easier, and enables stepwise extensions of the project with no obsolete hardware costs. Thanks to standard buses and protocols it is easy to integrate a 3rd party open device at any system level. Web access possible at the automation level.

System Topology