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Power Solutions

Power Solutions

With a wide range of reliable and high-quality AC, DC and renewable energy solutions, White Umbrella is well-equipped and experienced to fulfil specific power needs and requirements for industrial needs.

AC Power Source

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Our range of programmable and non-programmable AC power solutions is suitable for a wide variety of power needs, and is commonly used by experts in various industries, including electric vehicle, renewable energy, home appliance, military, aerospace and medical. Our AC power sources improve efficiency and convenience, for instance:

Combined with the functions of adjustable phase angle, voltage and frequency, the AFV+ series can realise worldwide power systems in a single unit, saving cost and reducing carbon footprint.

Preen’s new photovoltaic inverter (PV) test system is the biggest system installed in Taiwan, which meets the electrical performance test of relevant grid-connected test standards, such as IEEE1547.1, EN50530, NB/T32004, CNS15382 and CNS15599.

The IEC-61000-4-11 covers voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests, and this standard is applied to many electronic products to comply with the CE mark. The AFV-P series can easily simulate the disturbance for IEC-61000-4-11 pre-compliance test.
AFV-PLUS series three-phase output models can test both the condition of the three-phase load and a single-phase three-wire (1Φ3W) load after adjusting the phase angle.
Preen’s AFV-P series provides standard inrush current capability up to 4.5 times of output rated current (Irms) and optional 9 times inrush capability.
C power sources or frequency converters are widely used in the home appliance industry to provide a quality power source that simulates different voltage and frequencies for export or compliance test purposes.

Preen’s AC power supplies are indispensable, used in medical equipment research and development, manufacturing or usage. Preen’s product line has a wide reach for different applications and facility power for power conversion and stable input to equipment.

For aerospace and military applications, 400Hz AC and 28VDC are common specifications, but due to the ever-changing technology, 800Hz AC and 270V DC are now the new standards for aerospace markets, following MIL-STD-704F standards and capable of handling harsh working environments.
AC power sources or frequency converters are widely used in the home appliance industry to provide quality power sources that simulate different voltage and frequencies for export or compliance test purposes. They have become an indispensable instrument in the R&D and production phases.

Many ports nowadays started to install shore power connections at berth to provide electricity to ships’ lights, pumps, communication and other devices. The shore power converter utility powers to 440V or 660V, and needs to have an outstanding level of protection to bear the harsh outdoor environment.

In the manufacturing sector of the IT industry, the power quality of the production line determines the equipment’s precision and accuracy. A stable voltage results in fewer failures in the assembly process, preventing losses to the whole plant.

AC Programmable Power Source

With the widest range in the industry for output power ranges (0.5kW〜2000kW) and output frequency (15〜1000Hz), our AC power sources have Ethernet, RS-232 & RS-485, USB, GPIB and Analog Control interfaces to meet various remote control and industrial 4.0 automation testing requirements. With advanced PWM design technology to provide clear sine waves, we also have low total harmonic distortion, high load regulation rate and fast transient response features. These are best used on electric vehicles, PV inverter, aerospace, communication, lighting, medical equipment, home appliances, air conditioning, public transportation, EMC labs, research etc and provide multiple AC Power Source testing solutions.

AC Non-Programmable Power Source

Our high-performance, non-programmable AC power source is IEC Standard certified and are capable of reliably simulating standard or abnormal voltage and frequency status, guaranteeing efficiency and precision when testing your products and/or prototypes. It is suitable for the Certified Bureau, the production and R&D of various industries, including home appliances, electrical electronics, medical equipment and lighting.

DC Power Supplies

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FuG power supplies are available in different power classes specifically for each user. If precision, reliability and longevity are what you are looking for, our DC power supplies are perfect for your needs. Suitable for:

Research and development needs a power supply that is adjustable and reliable. FuG power supplies are used in acceleration systems for various particle sources, bending plates, bending and focusing magnets, superconducting coils and high-frequency tubes, being a reliable partner for nuclear fusion research as well as chemical and biological research.

In the field of material analysis, testing and measurement, FuG power supplies are preferred for their precision. Our range includes mass spectrometers, detectors, X-ray applications, electron microscopes, leakage current measurement, cable/insulation testers and electric motors, starters and magnetic testers.

FuG provides power supplies that are both highly reliable and customised, used for plasma applications, sputtering, ion implantation, electron beam texturing, hardening, cross linking or sterilisation, in galvanic processes and for spraying and flocking work.

Tubes for satellite communication, the generation of high-frequency fields for particle acceleration and tubes for vacuum or X-ray technology require high voltage DC Power. In particular, all these tubes must meet two requirements: they have to work with high precision and reliability. To achieve this, all FuG power supplies are developed internally and all production steps relevant for quality are carried out by our company itself.

Semiconductor production requires a highly precise and integrated power supply. FuG power supplies offer Basic, Professional or customized series solutions that are used in the context of ion implantation, lithography and microscopy. Capacitors need to be tested on isolation voltage and need to be formatted during the manufacturing process in distinct intervals during the application period.

The lighting industry places specific requirements on current control: precise light current control is just as indispensable as extremely accurate light current measurement. FuG ensures a DC power supply that is adjustable and customised.

In environmental technology, FuG power supplies are used where a customer-specific power supply with long service life and long operating life is required – for example in industrial environments for the separation and destruction of materials such as plastic, metal, electronic scrap and minerals. FuG power supplies are also integrated into electrostatic filters for air filtration.
Space technology leaves nothing to chance: FuG provides power supplies based on the highest reliability. Whether for the development of spacecraft or ground-based devices such as satellite testers or spacecraft engines, the FuG product range includes both professional series and customized solutions for all space travel needs.

Customised multi-channel power supplies or single-channel power supplies are equipped with complex electronics for monitoring and control, with auxiliary power supplies based on isolated high voltage potential. This guarantees reliable and stable manufacturing results of high quality regarding the electron beam process for electron beam welding, coating, hardening or drilling.

Basic Series