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Power AC PAS PFV Series

Our PAS Series is developed for renewable energy-related applications. It can simulate the various grid conditions and related test standards, for instance the voltage or frequency transient simulation test feature, making it suitable for production, quality verification, research and development. It also comes with Low Voltage Ride Through Test (LVRT) test function, step mode and gradual mode programmable capability. 


PFV Series is a new generation of programmable AC Power Supply, with four quadrant energy feedback function. This unit not only provides power to the EUT, but also sinks the power back to the grid system which is useful for grid tie devices testing applications. The maximum output power for PAS series is up to 2000kVA, and the PFV series is up to 200kVA. The output voltage range is 0~300VL-N and the standard output frequency is 45~65Hz continuously adjustable (optional 40~70Hz).

Key Features