Industrial Power Solutions
Industrial Power Solutions

Power Solutions

White Umbrella focus on providing the best possible power solutions for industrial needs through a wide selection of reliable ACDC power source that delivers power conversion, power conditioning, test and measurement application support to ensure that your specific needs and requirements are fulfilled.

Our other services also include:

ADG+ Series

DC Power Supply

Explore our versatile high-voltage DC power supply, ideal for Photovoltaic, EV, battery, and laboratory testing. It’s RoHS compliant, eco-friendly and offers extensive protection. Perfect for EV R&D, solar simulation and more. Choose from various models.

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AC Power Source

Discover our versatile AC power source, ideal for diverse testing and measurement applications, including commercial, defence, aerospace, and renewable energy projects. Tailored models to ensure precise solutions for your needs.

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High Power Programmable AC Power Source (AFV Series)
Inductive Automatic Voltage Regulator (APH Series)


Meet our-effective 600kVA AVR, an inductive type with robust overload capacity. It ensures precision and rapid response, making it versatile for industries like motor, CNC, transportation, medical, EMC testing and more.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is essential, offering backup power during mains outages caused by extreme conditions. Our diverse UPS models ensure dependable protection for your specific needs.

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Online 3 Phase UPS (DS Power 300HT)