Industrial Air Solution
Industrial Air Solution


Driven by passion to providing better indoor air quality for all, our products have been designed to provide flawless precision using innovative and advance technology ensuring clean, cool and natural air for everyone.


A unique world leading refrigeration system to provide safe, convenient and storage environment for variety of biological samples found within hospitals, disease control, research institute and biomedical engineering.


Without needing to buy or install brand new units, you can retrofit your existing air-conditioners with our PureAir+ Cold Plasma Ions System. Best for air-conditioners in large indoor areas, such as halls or offices. With Cold Plasma technology, PureAir+ can sterilise indoor areas quickly and effectively, destroying airborne viruses, mould and bacteria.


Enjoy natural, clean and cool mountain-like air with our flagship GoldAlps air conditioner. Thanks to GoldAlps’ thermodynamic properties, it cools and purifies the air around you efficiently and quickly.

Save the environment, save electric costs and
improve your health as your lungs inhale fresher, cleaner air. GoldAlps is available in 1, 1.5 and 2 HP.

In-Duct Air Purifiers

Air Sterilizer

Say bye to bad indoor air quality, and let our air sterilizers naturally and effectively purify and clean the air you breathe in, keeping it free from harmful viruses, airborne bacteria and mould.

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Air Conditioners

White Umbrella proudly presents to you GoldAlps Air Conditioner series which provide comfort and affordable air conditioning ensuring you with independent temperature at energy saving. 

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Cassette Air Conditioner
Cold Plasma Ion

Cold Plasma Ions System

Provide safe, reliable, stable, and efficient indoor air disinfection products for users in units, enterprises, hospitals, factories, schools, and other institutions.

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