Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Choose White Umbrella?

We are dedicated to design and provide only effective, reliable air and power solutions, adhering to the Japanese philosophy of Poka-Yoke. That's why our products have been rigorously tested by numerous leading labs and associations and proven with official certifications. Each White Umbrella product is built with utmost precision and the latest innovation to achieve perfection.

What is the Poka-Yoke Philosophy?

Poka-Yoke is a strategic, mindful Japanese philosophy that strives for perfection by eliminating the unnecessary and replacing inefficient steps with error-free processes. For more details, read here.

How do I get help choosing the right product?

You can reach out to us for any assistance by emailing or calling us at: +603 7666 6082

Do you provide any after-sales service?

Yes, we provide after-sales maintenance and support to assist you with your air and power solutions. For more information, click here.

What types of Power Solutions do you have?

We have both AC and DC power solutions, with programmable and non-programmable options for AC power source. For more information, click here.

What is Cold Plasma?

Cold Plasma is a revolutionary technology that has been  proven to eliminate up to 99.99% of airborne viruses and bacteria, such as HCoV (coronavirus), H1N1, E.Coli, EV71 and more. Cold Plasma naturally sterilises the air by producing both positive and negative ions which remove dust, odours, dander and other indoor pollutants.

What's the difference between the Flesta air sterilisers?

The main difference between the Flesta air sterilisers is the area size that it is most efficient in. 

Flesta Portable is designed to be brought on the go, whereas Flesta Refresh is suitable to be installed in small areas up to 15m² like elevators.

Flesta Protect is designed for indoor spaces and bathrooms up to 50m², whilst Flesta Purify is ideal for medium-sized offices, rooms or halls up to 100m².

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