White Umbrella Industrial

About Us

At White Umbrella, our mission centres around a revolutionary approach to enhancing the engineering solutions supply chain within the power distribution, intelligent life science equipment, building management hardware and software, advanced indoor air sterilizing technology, and electrical products domains.

Through strategic alliances with global industry frontrunners and local enterprises, we are primed to deliver heightened value to the biomedical sector research and academic, pharmaceutical industries, healthcare, MROs, OEMs, panel builders, real estate developers, oil and gas corporations and many more.

Positioned as an emerging enterprise, our client-centric sales model empowers us to cater to individual account needs. Infused with cutting-edge technology, our meticulously crafted products not only exemplify precision but also prioritize environmental consciousness, leading to reduced power consumption and heightened convenience in daily life. Our overarching objective revolves around enhancing productivity by streamlining day-to-day operational complexities for our clientele, all the while providing economically efficient solutions that uphold unwavering quality standards.

Our Journey

Our origins trace back to 2008, when we initially ventured into the HVAC industry, specialising in design, construction, installation, and maintenance. In 2021, we underwent a transformative pivot, expanding our offerings to encompass a broader spectrum of products and services, with a primary emphasis on elevating the quality of life for everyday consumers. With this vision in mind, we expanse our product portfolio ranging from Air Solutions, Biomedical Solutions, Power Solutions to System Solutions.

Our Values


To be a trusted engineering partner by providing quality solutions and service excellence.


To be the goal leader and reliable partner providing world-class innovative engineering solutions and services.