About Us

At White Umbrella, we aim to revolutionize the supply chain of engineering solutions in the distribution of power sources, intelligent life science equipment, building management hardware and software, cold plasma ions systems, and electrical products.


We have partnered with global industry leaders and local companies to better serve the biomedical sector, MROs, OEMs, panel builders, real estate developers, and oil and gas corporations.


As a nascent enterprise, we can serve our clients with an account-focused sales model. With innovative tech, our products are crafted with the utmost precision and consideration for our environment, saving power usage, and making daily life more convenient for all. Our goal is to increase productivity by making day-to-day operations easier for our clients while providing cost-efficient solutions without compromising quality.


First established back in 2008 as a business engaged in designing, construction, installation and maintenance in the HVAC industry.


In 2021, we retrofitted our business to provide other products and services, mainly focusing on improving the standard of living for the everyday consumer.


Our principal product is our range of Cold Plasma Air Sterilizers, which we plan to highlight in our upcoming projects and endeavours.

Our Values


To be a trusted engineering partner by providing quality solutions and service excellence.


To be the goal leader and reliable partner providing world-class innovative engineering solutions and services.