White Umbrella Participate in IMEC 2022 to Improve the Biomedical Storage Facilities

White Umbrella aims to improve the healthcare facilities in Malaysia with energy-saving and sustainability at IMEC 2022 from 19 – 21 July 2022, KLCC.

The main purpose to join this event is to help upgrade the current traditional/manual processes into a smart and digital healthcare facilities. Therefore, White Umbrella is showcasing the Cold Plasma Air Sterilizer technology, Biomedical Storage Range using the latest Hydrocarbon(HC) refrigerant and easy to access Building Management System via Merbon IDE SCADA which capable to provide predictive, analytic and monitoring systems.

IMEC 20July 67

System solutions: Integrated Building Management System

White Umbrella engineers offer automation industry know-how, and are able to collaborate seamlessly with the technical expertise of healthcare and laboratory industries, to develop and implement the best-fit solutions in managing extensive mechanical, HVAC, water, electrical, and plumbing systems. The software and hardware communicated via protocols like PLC, IO systems, and converters.

In addition to the new building, White Umbrella teams of engineers are also able to upgrade the existing/manual building with automation systems and even linked with security and elevators for monitoring and control.

With cloud computing, monitoring and control can be done via the internet at any time and anywhere. (for more info, visit System Solutions)

Biomedical Storage Solutions: Key Technologies and industrialization of Low-temperature Refrigerator Series Product

With a high demand for blood supply management and vaccine safety, White Umbrella would like to solve the storage issue with technological and better management solutions. With energy-saving refrigerant and superior stability and uniformity, Haier Biomedical  Storage could help industrial in solving global warming and achieve carbon neutrality.  

Haier Biomedical ULT Freezer can be used for storage and protection of valuable samples which required strict and continuous storage conditions suitable for viruses, pathogens, blood cells, and other biological sample cold storage applications. Using the Hydrocarbon refrigeration technology, the ULT freezer can deliver a fast temperature pull down to -80C within 4 hours. It is also able to provide a quick temperature recovery to -75C within 30 minutes after door opening, guaranteeing the safety of samples.

With Haier Biomedical data storage can record up to 15 years of data reading with a simple download through a USB drive. Temperature monitoring systems allow business owners, customers, and vendors to track, and sometimes regulate and control products’ temperatures, ensuring that the merchandise stays safe and reaches its end users in pristine condition. (Contact us for quote)